Praise be to God

I’m not in the depressed funk I was in for about 2 weeks.

I communicated with my hubby. I communicated with God. I wrote in my journal. I vented and went to some movies. One thing is for certain, if a person feels “down” for a while, that person may very well not stay “down”.

As per my history of feeling “down”, these feelings usually come from circumstances and situations. One thing that helped me was my husband’s agreeing to slow down his busy life a bit, even if just short lived. Memorial Day weekend came and my husband did some outside jobs, but allowed for time with me and his relaxation.

There’s a lot to be said for “being still and acknowledging God.” (see Psalm 46: 10) Not only do you benefit from slowing down, taking time for God, doing something for God,….but, others who are observing your life benefit also…… Serve God, study His Word, have time with Him–with someone else?? Gain great benefits!!!!


My kingdom for someone to check in on me to see if I’m still alive or dead, thoughts, feelings, how was my day etc…about 8:30 pm nightly.

Now, I have a new development….upper back pain. (along with the newest diagnosis: thyroid trouble)

Hubby still works too much and is rarely home or “present”. Mixed blessing is that we just bought house number 3. Very mixed blessing……I’m weary and in pain so much…emotionally and physically…. I pray God takes me Home soon— before He takes my hubby. (even if He took my hubby first, I’ve always been so alone Alone…what difference would my husband’s demise make?)