Disolution of Marriage

Why is this what they call “divorce”? When I think of a disolution, I think of how I took a mixture of a simple syrup and added lemon juice and made lemonade- but then tried to unmix the solution together.

How bout the act of dissolving the already combined concrete and water? A marriage is supposed to be as solid as mixed, dried concrete. What if the water says to the concrete, “I just can’t stand how you make me so unhappy all the time?” They can’t just dissolve themselves and go back to being two separate entities again.

One entity has said historically, “You knew how I was when we got together.”

The other entity has been known to say, “Yes, thus I was always hoping we could one day form something beautiful together, like the famous statue of David or something.”

Years later, waiting for the statue making, entity number two can try for “dissolution” or, can morph into a lone entity she’s content with.

Here’s to morphing!!!

Wish me luck and pray for me………………