If I Regard Iniquity

Psalm 66: 18 has been on my mind.

If I regard iniquity in my heart,…hmm… Let me think on this. I’m thinking: if I think on sin, think about sin or sinning, even think evil or bad thoughts about someone— the Lord will not hear.

I talk to God. I pray for people. I hash out my thoughts with my heavenly Father. I praise Him. I thank Him for answered prayers and for Who He is. I discuss things that are on my mind with my best Friend/Jesus. I’ve been known to claim my healing and healings of others: “by Your stripes, I’m healed, Jesus.”

I’ve had an ongoing prayer request that I’ve not personally seen the answer to yet. I know it’s a request in line with the Holy Spirit’s will. Still, no answer. God’s been blessing me and my husband greatly lately. Amazing!! This certain prayer request? Um…….no.

I ask Jesus’ forgiveness for my tendencies to have personal pity parties and my negative thoughts about some people. I desire to not have iniquity in my heart. I desire to be referred to as the woman with no guile. (see John 1: 47) (no ill feelings towards anyone, nor any deceit….)

Prayer: Thank You, God, for all You do. Thank You for things seen and unseen. Thank You for Your love. Thank You, in advance for answered prayers. Thank You for working on me and my heart full of love and gratefulness. Thank You for Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.