God is so Good

God is a good God. God is love. He never meant for any of His creation to go to a place of eternal damnation.

Meanwhile, my testimony goes as such. We are just about to put neighborhood house on the market and are trusting God to sell it quickly. We love God and have His favor. We’ve been giving Him the glory through all this. As a loving Father, why wouldn’t He give us our desires? We thank Him in advance!!

Latest desire of the Father: I’ve been hearing many messages lately about how God wants more of our time. One evangelist mentioned it would make quite a difference in our countenances and everything (power from above, …) if we spend 2 hours a day with God. I admit, a few weeks ago, I decided to read the Psalms in a week and didn’t just watch as much tv. When I did watch the boob tube, it seemed like it lacked something. The Bible was so real. I mean: “Real!” I couldn’t wait to read more. Television shows just seemed like fluff.

In my life, I’ve done the hour long prayer challenges. I don’t do that so much any more. About a week ago, God woke me in the night to pray. My fingers typed the word pry, and that was a bit of what my heavenly Father did. He had me pray for many names before His throne and the peace and protection for Israel, President Trump and family and more……… I was reminded to claim His perfect will in some local situations including my daughter’s promotions and advancements at work. I thanked God for my many blessings including my husband of 14 years. I thanked God for strengthening him and giving him skills, passion, drive, and faith.

God is wonderful. He deserves our time. He can change us. Who was the famous evangelist who just walked through stores and people were healed when he walked by? He didn’t have to stop, ask to pray or lay hands on folks, he just walked by doing his own shopping business. He had spent so much time with His heavenly Father, the presence was still with him as he did mundane stuff. He had the Holy Spirit’s power in abundance. Jesus promised we’d be doing things He did and greater things. (John 14: 12- 14)

Can you accept the challenge? What would 2 hours with God look like in your life, daily? Is it possible at all?? Can you try it for even one day????

Let me know…. God be with you