Here it is Saturday and my Friday-itis is carrying over. I’m reading a book about “Real Life Love” by Micheal Gibson, that’s not seeming to help much. One aspect to honoring your love life relationship, is to love yourself.

Ummmm, there’s part of the rub. (problem)

Strangely enough, as God or my subconscious would have it, I dreamed I was telling someone my attributes. Yes, I was sitting on a child’s swing set with Matthew McConaughey (he was on a swing too) telling him I realize he’d never talk to me. I’m not rich, nor do I have the self control to have a good looking body…..but I was telling him why he should talk with me. I was telling him why I’m a worthy person. I never heard the words I was saying. I never knew what I said, but I knew the gist. Why would I dream this??

I was so down about not being able to go anywhere or have anyone concerned if I’m breathing on a Friday night, that I was depressed. Now, I know myself, and I know I get this way every Friday night.

God is with me. He even gives me dreams to encourage me. To that, I say thank You. It is Fall time and soon will be Thanksgiving time. I pray that I can resolve to thank God more and more.

Promises and Possession

There are many promises from God in the Bible.

God promised Joshua, in Joshua 1: 3, “every place the soles of his feet touch.”

God’s promises are timeless. Today, in 2019, my hubby and I can interpret possession of every place the soles of our feet touch as being Many Places. God has been expanding our territories, as He did Jabez. (1 Chronicles 4) We have been blessed with 3 houses, a truck, a car, and many tools to do building and odd jobs. ($) Currently, my hubby has flown out of state….his feet are touching more and more land…..

We thank God! We realize, in many cases, we have to clear and cleanse places we are to possess. We also thank God we can boldly come to Him and we can proclaim God’s good news boldly. (sure, why not see Acts chapter 4) Oh! You know God’s good news, right?? 1. God made the world. 2. He gave us Jesus….even while we were yet sinners. 3. Jesus died for all who would believe in Him and receive Him. 4. He’s preparing a forever Home for those who believe in Him, so they can be with Him forever and ever.

I’m thankful. I realize the Bible is the most devisive and offensive book in the world, but I believe: God wrote the Bible with the hands of men. It’s true; and a living, timeless word for me. It’s a love letter for me and is to be studied, practiced, and appreciated.