Don’t do it

Well, last posting, I mentioned my daughter. Don’t ya know, she’s been in a relationship with a guy for many years, but, knowledge comes out that she’s been putting up with his calling her bad names. As time would have it, the arguing about all this came to a head.

Oh, but now he is so sorry and wants her to take him back. He apologizes all the time.

In my opinion, they both need to grow as Christians more. They need to strengthen their walks with God, individually.

Ah!!! But, daughter, don’t take him back….. If he were to really change and grow for maybe a year, perhaps, then you might think of re-starting to date him fresh….not from where you guys were when ya broke up.

Guys, gals, you are children of God: children of The KING. Don’t settle for someone, in your life, who degrades you or calls you names or worse.

Don’t do it!!!!!