Well here we are

Many of us have been home so we don’t catch the coronavirus. Praise God, my husband and I have remained well. My husband still goes to work at his “essential job”. I stay home about all the time. I have chronic bronchitis in my system. If I catch a cold, at any time, my lungs can go straight to bronchitis or worse. I am sensing a bit of cabin fever.

As the powers that be are getting ready to set us all free to go out to stores and churches again, I’m wary. In the beginning, at least, I think I’ll still wear a mask when I go places. I will continue to wash my hands religiously. Will you??

On a positive note, I’ve been thinking of the song by Gloria Gaither, lately. Do you know: “Hold On My Child, Joy Comes In The Morning”? As we continue to do what we have to do till this pandemic is over with, this song also reminds us “the Master promised sunshine after rain.” It also says, “the darkest hour means dawn if just in sight”.

I have some days where I question God a Whole Lot about this pandemic. I, like you, need to remember joy comes in the morning….things will be better.

God bless and take care of you.