Since it’s been awhile…

I’ll touch base and remind all that time changes things.

I, once again, found myself exasperated with my husband for a time and surprise Surprise! He took me away on a little vacation.

Oh, it was so nice to get away, just the 2 of us. We went to beaches, restaurants, and to a museum. I’m so glad we got to do all this. We got to bond with each other more. We got to take time and smile and enjoy life together. Months prior: we didn’t seem to have time for each other much at all and there was quite a strain on our relationship.

Holding on and hanging in there, talking to God, talking to the husband, we developed a plan to “get away.” God took care of us. He protected us from illnesses. He blessed and renewed our marriage bond.

Thank You, God…..time changes things.