Child’s prayer…..

Yesterday, I watched a little preaching on tv before going to church. The speaker told of how he, a preacher in 2017, has a preacher friend who has a church with their own beer brand. Another preacher, he said, brought a message in front of his congregation while relaxing in a recliner with a beer in hand. Ag! I’d say what is this world coming to, but I know. I’ve read the end of the Book. Between the Revelation chapter 3 thoughts, the Church of Laodicea, 1 Timothy 4: 1: “The Spirit clearly says that in later times, some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons….”, I know what’s coming.

I have openly confessed to living a rather sheltered life. I’m glad for this. I know of some people who have abandoned the faith, refuse to marry, and don’t recognize these things as Satanic manipulation. I pray.

I thank God: I’ve recently been praying in the Spirit, because there’s so much to pray for and out of obedience, I don’t want to merely put my opinionated take on my prayer requests to God.

We went to church and the kids sang. This was great. The choir director had a child, under the age of 10, pray aloud before the whole church. As I write this, my eyes are filling with tears of emotion….  The child prayed:  “Dear God, please protect us all from drugs, alcohol, and guns. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.”

That’s where our world, in America, is now, folks……!!!    That wasn’t the world I grew up in………. I know other countries have it worse……but, this child innocently prayed this aloud……….heart-felt…..


End times, folks……………

“Gotta love the kids”

Despite being the era of knowledge

EXPLOSION, I heard, a recent Gallop poll said only 20 % of Americans believe the Bible is really the pertinent, inspired direct Word of God…..


So many scriptures come to mind, including ones that refer to these as being “the last days”. But, ya see, if there are those who don’t believe scripture, this won’t mean anything to them……How bout history? How many years ago was it that We the People learned in a one room school house and didn’t have Houghton Miflin texts…….? We had The Bible…………………….Folks learned to read, recite, and memorize from God’s Word……………

Bring those days backkkkkkkkkkkk…..

Sociological truth…

People and animals bond better if they have the chance to have siblings.

I know terribly lonely people who grew up, and live sibling-less.

I enjoy watching my cats. We have 2 that we got separately. They don’t have blood relatives. They are very quirky. We have 4 that we got: they were bonded siblings that couldn’t be separated. Those 4 groom each other. They play together. They give way to letting the others go first to the food bowls.

Yep, the sibling-less ones tend to be more self centered.

Let’s get Scientific

Ever watched “The Big Bang Theory” on tv?

Have you ever heard of Dark Matter? It’s so dark, it repels all light. See Exodus 10: 22 and 23 “And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days.”

“They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.”

Jesus is the Light of the world

Think about it…if you have Him, you’ll never be in curse of darkness


Third book: “All or Nothing”

“All or Nothing”  Jesus Save Me From Lukewarmness

Let’s all start bombarding the publisher to get this published. It’s taking quite a while. I submitted it a month ago. There I go being impatient again. My first book took 2 weeks to get published and birthed.

This book stems from God’s Word: Revelation 3: 15- 17. God wants us passionate about and for Him. If we are merely lukewarm, He will spue us out of His mouth, have nothing to do with us, and He won’t answer our prayers; nor will He bless us.

The author refers to how we aren’t to have gray areas in our relationship with God. She tells life testimony and scriptures how we are to include God in every part of our lives, including our marriages, health, and joy and laughter. We are to stay away from temptations and little foxes that try to pull us off the path of God’s perfect will. We are to for-go feelings of nothingness and worthlessness because, after all: God is faithful.

Contact the publisher at      “Please get Lori Church’s third book published as soon as possible. We want to read “All or Nothing” via e-book or flip book.” You can tell them you want to read it as a physical, paperback book, also, if you want………..


Short Bio for “You Have Been Found Wanting” book

ISBN #978-0-692-82734-5

Wanting can be a positive thing. We want the best for our loved ones, right?

What else do you want? When do you want it?

We want what we want–Now! This book includes testimony of the author’s adventure to sell two houses in one year and to move to another state. She kept her faith in God and He was faithful. The author strove to not be found wanting in God’s eyes. She desired to retain her Christ-given fruits of the Spirit. She named her chapters after these.

You know, even God has wants. He wants our love. He wants our faith. There are many scriptures in this book including the main theme based one from the book of Daniel: “You have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting”. God was judging a sinful king.

One Amazon review of this book says: “I found this book to be refreshing. We tend to get caught up in wanting things so easily (like breathing). Reading this book took me back to the story of Nebuchadnezzar, in the Bible. He was found wanting just like we do. I started catching myself saying I WANT a lot and had to re-evaluate my thinking process. I have to often remind myself that God is my Shepherd, I shall not Want.”

Short Bio for “Sanity In The Waiting” book

ISBN # 978-0-692-71855-1

The author was waiting. She had many things she was waiting for. God inspired her to write of her experience. She was impatient, but trusted God. There were every day trials, family situations, finances and more to deal with. Everyone has these kinds of things, right? All creatures have had times of waiting. My cats even wait to be fed….

Have you ever gotten impatient waiting? As a Christian, you don’t want to lose your cool while impatience is eating you alive. What kind of testimony would that be? So, this book is to encourage and inspire others to seek God and His Word. It’s the story of the author’s adventure while selling two houses in one year. She had major faith in God. She had trials! Some trials reminded her of stuff from her past. So, she shares some of that: yet, God was faithful.

As one review states on Amazon, “Lori expresses such honesty; she really helps the reader going through stressful situations , have hope in knowing all will be well, just hang in there.”


Have you heard of the scents that can be in a warmer and melt or as oil? Your home, car, laundry, children’s toys, (etc….) can smell really good.I went to what I thought was a party. It was an open house. Yes, I bought some stuff, because I know how it goes when you have these kinds of get togethers and no one purchases anything.

Since I like to analyze and relate things to my personal life all the time, I realized, from going to this get-together, people are mostly about all the same. We all have a basic need to have a clean home. We all basically want our homes, clothes, etc…to smell non-offensive, and possibly super nice.

We all have tendencies to want to talk to the person in charge individually. We want our “special attention.” We have questions. We all want to know and be known.

Thanks for reading my posts. I’m glad you are getting to know me.

I have self worth.

You do too! Not just for me, but to God. Deuteronomy 33: 27 says God is our refuge and underneath are His EVERLASTING arms………(comforting)

“Still Here”

Does anyone agree with me there ought to be an official ministry called “Still Here Ministries”? I think there should be a way some folks can gather, or communicate on social media, (or both) in lieu of being still hanging in there. We who don’t necessarily go to another state and hear big name, famous speakers like Joyce Meyer and John Hagee … We either can’t afford to go, or are too weary from every day life to go.

We are still pluggin and going to church, worshiping God in our homes and lives and giving of our time, money and some efforts here and there, to community involvement. We are not doing this so often that the whole town knows our name or all of America does. We don’t go to bars or pubs where we might have the social life as we used to see on the tv show: Cheers.

I know of some diligent pastors who have been attending Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, mid week prayer and special prayer/study events for years. They are used to doing all this. What about the people who strive to fit church in once or twice a week? Some of us read the Bible at home and pray with our spouses, not to mention have solid relationships with God: our Father. Because we are not present at events, though, we can be easily forgotten and neglected. But: we are Still Here! We are still faithful. We are still keeping our homes clean and praying for our families. We welcome extra prayer requests, and are diligent to pray for others who ask. We pray for our country, the leaders, and for Israel. (as instructed in God’s Word)

Who are we? We are a bit unknown. God knows us.

“Still Here Ministries”

Fighting Comes From Battles Within Me

Surprise! Perhaps when you think you may have life figured out, and you have a flow in your day to day, you have a big realization. God knew these things would happen years ago when He wrote His Word. James 4: 1 says, “From whence come wars and fightings among you?….come from…that war in your members”? (war within you)

Folks carry stuff and baggage from years, weeks, days prior, to now. We have all heard this. We have read magazines, books,and who knows what all about this. God knew,  we needed to psychoanalyze ourselves, so we could “get through” stuff.

Growing pains and power struggles start in the head first, right? Can you feel it? I, personally, may come into being what the world may call Successful. I am actually trusting God to bring this to pass. The more I see successes, the bigger my hopes, dreams, and faith become. It seems I exude the successful person I want to be. This, in turn, has me speaking with a larger vocabulary. I am also talking about what God did, then what I talked to God about, what He said to me in His Word more. Not meaning to, this can come out wrong. Talk about sounding “preachy”……. My hubby takes offense more and more. He naturally throws up his wall of protection and communication/relationship tends to suffer.

A while back, I actually had this talk with God. I asked Him to curb my successes, if I wasn’t going to be able to handle them gracefully. I have not been “rubbing successes in anyone’s faces”, but….. On the other hand, successes have been s-l-o-w in coming and I’m getting a bit numb in the waiting tank. I see so much coming in the future. I see a possibly happier, busier life for myself, on the horizon. I’m excited……..

But, I wait……….Lord, let me retain my sanity in my waiting……(oh, and don’t let me be a wrecking ball to all in my path, in this development time….)