What comes to mind when you say that word?

Perfect Donna Reed? Submissive woman on her knees washing her man’s feet?

I confess this morning, I was neither. Now today is exactly 3 weeks from answer to half big prayer…house number one will be sold and we can pay off many bills and not be in the red. As I awoke with my head still on pillow, I thought of this. It will be a great relief. Meanwhile, how do we get through these 3 weeks, right? Even the cat litter is running low again.

Excuse my digression. You see, this morning I realized, once again, my hubby was home with me a while looking for something to do. He has his mind set on a project. Ahhh…I went out to the coolgarage and saw something that looked like an easy job for him. He started part one of this job 4 years ago. This irked me. I don’t understand how he can start one project and move to another one without finishing the first or second one.

I didn’t mean to do this, but I came back into the house as Wife-zilla. (Godzilla, Bridezilla……)

Oooops, before I knew it, I was on a trail of  “and that’s another things”. I didn’t let him have “it” big time, but he knew I was not happy…..He finished my suggested job before he went to his 8 hour, medically benefited job.  We are both cool.

Nightmare, sort of…..

I remember, from taking my Psych/Human Services classes, that in days of old, some people were put away into asylums for having lots of nightmares. I don’t have many. I had one last night. I know enough to know there is meaning to every thought and imagination. God’s word reminds us to cast down every imagination. (2 Cor. 10: 5) I retain my sanity, even in my subconscious state of sleep. Praise God.

My mother visited me in one of her favorite night gowns last night. Nothing was scary. She prepped for bed. She intended to join me in bed. I don’t know why I thought nothing of this. Then, she was determined to touch me. She’s been dead for 9 years. I have a big king size bed and she was reaching all across to touch me. I kept telling her no. In retrospect, she probably wanted to hug me and tell me she loved me. But, it ended up being more of a mauling. I kept scooting away from her and ended up falling on the floor in my dream. She was then on the other side of me, wrestling me, near my closet door. I insisted she not touch me, but she would have none of it. The more I insisted, the more she wanted to touch and put her arms all over me. (in my face and more….weird, eh?) While asleep, in my dream, it came to me: “Jesus!” Yes, there’s power in the name. I told Mom to “Look, there’s Jesus”. I physically pointed. I advised Mom to go back to Jesus. She instantly did.

The human body is mind, soul and spirit. We have our spirit forever. It will end up in heaven or hell. 1 Corinthians 12:10 tells us there is the gift of discerning spirits. (among other gifts….) 1 John 4: 1 says to “not put faith in every spirit, but prove (test) the spirits to discover whether they proceed from God; for many false prophets have gone forth into the world.” Verse 6 says “We are children of God.” (if we are learning to know Him….) Later in that verse it says “By this we know (recognize) the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.”

Spiritual warfare is real. Things going on in our dreams are real. (Genesis 28: 12, 32: 24 to mention a few) Heaven and hell are real places…..look up Pat Robertson of the 700 Club. He has a new dvd out called: “Heaven: What God Has Prepared For Those That Love Him”.

Renewing the mind…..

Renewing the mind involves removing old habits and establishing new ones.

Some thoughts:

Anyone who has ever been around people way older than themselves knows the old person will recall many years ago better than yesterday. Seems this can be a fact of life. Now there are exceptions to every rule. I’ve known of older women in their eighties who are sharp as tacks. That being said, my subconscious gave me a vivid dream last night about our “move”. We ended up living with the great 8 in my first child hood home. There were vivid details. I dream very vividly. Now, this home was built before 1960 and had only one bathroom. There was a rough basement and it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods. My hubby and I were establishing ourselves there. I was adjusting the great 8 and the old stove that pulled out to cook on stove top. My words to hubby, “I was desperate to move some where/any where..” After some more details of living there and partly enjoying it, I woke myself up with thoughts of NO WAY. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I went to the living room……

Granted my health is compromised with extreme allergies/congestion/sinus. I blame most my interrupted sleep on that. But, once my nose is cold and stuffy, I’m pretty much a gonner. My allergy pill is once every 24 hrs so it wasn’t time to take another one. I had been up from 3:30 am till 6 am when I decided to layer clothes, turn my space heater on, and try to rest a while in bed again. You know 10 am. found me with a stopped up nose wanting to get out of bed. My congestion made my face feel like a ton of bricks, so I didn’t really want to get up at all. Good thing my cat insisted on breakfast. (I only had one in my room with me)

I tell my mind and subconscious I will not dwell on Ohio homes. I will be present in my Florida life. in Jesus’ name. I was digesting Matthew 15: 16, and vs. 18. Verse 18 reminds whatever comes out of the mouth comes from the heart, and this is what makes a man unclean and defiles him…..  My mouth says it will be renewed, as will my mind, for I seek the perfect will of God. (Romans 12: 2)

Another blogger for God…..

I came across Danielle Strickland…..what a life testimony!!

I’m not sure of where, if any where, my blogging will go in the future, but I know I’m pleased to know there are folks out there talking up God. I hope to. I need to more………God help me.

Meanwhile, He’s letting me see other more established bloggers. Thank You, God!

…….see daniellestrickland.com………….be blessed by a life that God turned around and set on better paths that include seeking Him……

A More Excellent Way…

1 Corinthians 12: 31 says to “…covet earnestly the best gifts and yet shew I you a more excellent way”.

I’ve got mind blow. Calming down a bit, I’ll start by saying we couldn’t make our January mortgage payment on the house that is going to officially be called “sold” on about Feb.12. That would mean an additional payment January, February, late fees and additional stuff taken from the monies we trust God will let us have (to manage) mid-February. That would also mean drops, or bad marks, on credit report. To that we were saying, “Aggggghhh!”

Our potential buyer had the place inspected, deposited good faith money and we trust God the sale will go completely through. This not having a tenant in the house and our getting rent money hurt our ability to pay the payments as we had before. That hurt all our money jugglings. (God, help us in our money management.)

God, what can we do???? My Godly hubby thought to ask his son for a loan that we would pay back when we get the house sold. We don’t like to ask our thirty somethings for money….no matter what.  Praise be to God!!! Our son came through for us. He had the money to spare at this time. We will be timely in repaying him.

We have a few people we plan to bless when the selling of house number one is complete. God be glorified!!!!

Bless God!  Bless others……..


Some things that have come to my attention…

Digital Camera
  1. Reminder: my camera puts up everything was photographed in 2012…not! This is 2016, currently.
  2. Pastor Glenn Badonsky and his wife have an outstanding ministry and are from out of Alabama. They are Double Portion Ministries. He had a message today at our church. He began in Colossians 4: 2. He mentioned getting beyond the threshing floor….to the open door. He made reference to Luke 19: 13, verses in Isaiah, Matthew 6: 6 and Revelation 3: 7 and 8. (and more…) He mentioned “Occupy” while waiting….this, of course rang bells in my spirit. I am still waiting. God confirmed so many things to me today. He spelled out His love, Rev. 3: 8, by reminding me He knows my works, no one can shut the doors He opens for me, though I have little strength….I thank Him.
  3. I came across another blogger. She is more organized than I, as far as blogs go. She’s been at it a bit longer, I see. She is sanity waiting to happen. I stumbled onto her on face book. She is angelaweight.com. I began my blog to “occupy” till God answers our biggg prayers. I decidedly write to see God get glory. As far as I can tell, Angela doesn’t do that………I do pray she knows God…..I pray she has a mansion waiting for her in Glory. (in Jesus’ name…)

Counting my blessings…..

Today, I awoke early and went to the bathroom. I set the cat out of my room and laid back down in my nice comfy bed. I thank God for indoor plumbing that works. I thank God for my nice comfy bed. I thank God for my house that has all sorts of working elements including a good furnace. The furnace was on this morning. I opened the back door to the porch to find my hubby had taken the sheet off the couch because one of the great 8 had gotten ill during the night. Hubby had put the sheet in the washer….good hubby.

I was blessed to have my Poptart and coffee. I was blessed to be able to wash my hair in a nice clean shower. I was in a rush. I asked hubby to grab an outfit out of my closet. He did!!! Wow!!!

We sang and praised God together at church and I was feeling extra sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I removed my shoes and couldn’t even sing….I kept envisioning my heavenly Father and His love for me. (I’m a singer. I usually can never take my shoes off because of my dire need for my insoles…..I thank God for discovering insoles that help, too, by the way….) I said “Thank You for being here in such a strong way, God…..” A little later, the pastor said the Holy Spirit is here and that he sensed a strong sense of the Spirit’s wanting to heal. Shortly thereafter, there was a woman up front with her wheel chair….I kid you not….she said she’d broken her spine and had neck troubles and hadn’t walked in a while. She said she was told she’d not get out of her wheel chair. She carefully got up. Praise God! She was told to sit in the pew. Pastor advised others to set her wheel chair aside.

I’d been blessed to sit by my daughter (and hubby) in church, see my grand daughter, and have my hubby take me out to eat. (we’d had a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel) Wow and double Wowww…..the day’s not even over with yet…….

Thanks, God……….

Came Across another

good website….marriagerecoverycenter.com

Dr. David Hawkins and other Christian doctors counsel married people. They have blogs, too. These counselors offer online help for people who aren’t married also.

I thank God for Arthelene Rippy and her tv show: “Homekeepers.” I hear of many authors and doctors through her show. Her show, as well as her life, give glory to God.

Since we got news of the selling of our one home, we have had a bit of a burden lifted from our marriage relationship. We are still waiting for the “closing”, but, knowing it’s coming is terrrrrrrifffffic. We went over to the house and got some more stuff out of it. (we had some yard sales there) We took the stuff and donated it: together. Together.

We are “one”.  We are 2 parts of the 3 fold cord referred to in Ecclesiastes 4: 12. God is the most important and biggest “cord” in our relationship.

Habakkuk 2: 3

It’s amazing how God shows me more and more verses about waiting. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve learned a lot. God is good…..That’s what is easy to say. Better yet, God is great!

Habakkuk 2: 3 actually says (Amplified Bible) For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end <fulfillment>; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait <earnestly> for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

Yes, waiting for the selling of our homes……but, Hebrews 10 reminds us “For still a little while, and the Coming One will come and He will not delay…..” Wow! Yes, we await Jesus’ return with yearning hearts………..


Digital Camera
Good ole Job

Good, bad or otherwise, I started the day likening myself to Job. I don’t know how many more financial hits we can take. God answered the first part of our prayer: we sold one house so we intend to pay bills off and get out of debt. We still have a month or so to wait for this to become  reality.

My anointed preacher gave a great message today with 4 pages of notes. (fill in the blanks) Some scriptures referred to Job.  Job finished strong.  I am to “finish strong.”    See Job 28: 20, verse 28 and Job 42: 12-16

Brief insights into self….quiz

Brief quiz at intentionalliving.johnmaxwell.com  There are about 20 questions. I took quiz and found results being I’m an Advocate at heart. Most my answers, truth be told, I wanted to answer with “it depends” answer.

Take the quiz. Know more about yourself and that may aid in who you are in your waiting situation.

In our flesh, we are still waiting and waiting. We could be biting our nails because it is the last day of the year and tomorrow, bills are due. Those of us who are “deep” and trusting in God –know Psalm 42: 7 says,” Deep calleth unto deep”……

How deep are you??  How deep is your walk with Christ??


Thinking of Isaiah 42: 3……God is saying, via Isaiah, He’s sending His “elect”. Yes, He’s saying He’s sending His Son…..Jesus will not break the bruised reed. Hmmm…bruised reed…bruised humans….Humans who hurt/have been hurt could be called bruised.

In circumstances where a person is waiting, hanging on, waiting….feelings can emerge. Negative emotions can want to take over. These can seem like bruises. There can be actual bruises, but that’s for another time…..Whiney kid rises up in us and we must remember to call on God. He made us.

God knew how we’d be, since the beginning of time. He told Isaiah to write how Jesus wouldn’t break the reed, quench the flax, (hurt the fragile hurting)….. He loves us. The Enemy of our souls is the one who comes to destroy us from within and from without……

I am filled with the Holy Spirit of God……my bruises are healed, in Jesus’ name……

Thank You, God

Christmas Eve 2015

Digital Camera
Born humbly, born to be King…..

How are you spending your Christmas Eve? Are you home? Are you in a “home”? Are you homeless? Are you getting your home ready for company? Are you at work? Are you out shopping? Are you baking?

While waiting to sell house #2, we are working hard to clean up after flea bombing. We are expecting company after Christmas. I work inside and hubby works outside. He lugs heavy bags of mulch and stuff….We are humble folk.

We await our soon and coming King…………..

Isaiah 54: 17

Says “no weapon formed against thee (me) will prosper…..” Yes!

We were going along waiting on houses to sell, our finances to be mended, our vehicles to run correctly, and Christmas to take place…..Stress! As the Enemy would have it, I stumbled across texts in hubby’s phone. It seems customer has bonded more than she should have. That’s all I’ll say. My mind and heart knew hubby is and was totally trustworthy…..but, being human and female, this ate at me. I claimed Isaiah 54: 17 repeatedly quoting back to God that I was and am putting on/keeping on the helmet of salvation to guard my mind and thoughts. My official testimony was that my mouth got totally “saved” last week….now…..umm…negativity spewed forth to my hubby….He says “un-necessarily”. I say, “My feelings were hurt and there could be doors open to “who knows what” when men are naive with female “just friends”.


There was no yelling, I reminded him I’d be over my “spewing” in a day. (and was) I saw this as a sideways attack. The Enemy of our souls has been at us…..we are trusting God for something huge and are waiting on Him……

We were faithful…… Today, God blessed us with a bid on one of the houses!!!! Halelujah!!!! Glory to God!!!!!!   Christmas miracle!!!  We thank God!


Digital Camera
Ever praying…..

The situations/circumstances remain about the same….some could really stress and lose it given these. I know……But, we are still ever praying. We haven’t lost hope. At the end of this when we have our answered prayers, Or, God shows us a whole new idea and goal, ……we will give testimonies right and left: we will give testimonies galore to Gods glory. These testimonies will change peoples’ lives…..we just know it!

With other ideas and possible doubt, we now have the possibility we are just asking God as “spoiled kids”. (for lack of better word) We have to believe this isn’t the case, but, we have been presented with Psalm 106: 15 where God answered Israelites’ prayers…..but they ended up regretting this fact because they were lean in their souls and had disease and death.

No! We declare life, health and victory in our lives in Jesus’ name!

Blessings and Cursings

are in the power of the tongue…..Hmmm, power of the tongue…..While contemplating this fact, I’m convicted.

From now on, I will be ever conscious of the fact. I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise will continually be in my mouth.

With power of life and death in the tongue, I choose Life. I will say and write blessings: I will!!!

I am reminded of Zecharias, who was married to Elizabeth. In the Bible, he was visited by an angel who told him he would have a baby in his old age. He found this hard to believe and had a lot of questions and remarks. The angel said he would not speak for 9 months and he didn’t. Subsequently, John the Baptist was born. Had he been able to speak those 9 months, he may have caused his wife’s miscarriage……..Food for thought…..