Teen Suicide/Bullying

See projectlira.org

We have had a stream of teenagers in our school district kill themselves within the last year.

There’s a need for awareness and compassion. This needs to be stopped and teens, like everyone else, need to know they are not alone. Someone cares. Share, write your feelings, go out and take a walk…..


I may just let my “book” be read this way  (free, since the whole idea for writing was merely for folks to know more about God, anyway)

Chapter 1

“No Gray, Not Even In My Hair?”

Are you hot? Are you cold?

In the book of Revelation, in the Bible, chapter 3, verse 16 has John the revelator being told, “So, then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” This is from my King James Bible: as I usually use for references.

The choices are only cold or hot? Really? “God, You want me to feel/be passionate for You, or You’d prefer my not bothering at all? No in between? No gray areas? No wait until…whenever…? What if I make a future promise to You, God? Isn’t that pretty harsh, being that You are a God of love and all?

Perhaps I can have some gray slip into my beliefs now and then, right? I know some gray hair slips into my long locks from time to time, and that’s not so bad.

There’s actually a personality disorder that involves a person’s thinking in terms of all or nothing. I tend to be  that way. In psychological circles, this is a negative thing. In debating going on a diet, for instance, this can really mess with your head. In time, I’ve had really good success with a liquid diet. I’m one of the few people know who can stick with a liquid diet, by the way, but it’s been quite a while. My husband cannot seem to wrap his head around that at all. With food, and many things in life, I tend to do better with fewer choices. That buffet restaurant we love to go to is really not my best friend. Yes, I do better as a follower, in many instances, also, rather than being a leader.

“Hey, Lori, do you want to go to the buffet?” I do. “Oh well, sure I’ll go.” Now, I’m following and thinking of all the varieties of choices.

God wants us to follow Him. He talks about how He would prefer a person was hot for Him, as opposed to being cold. He doesn’t want wishy-washy Christians, really. (see Revelation 3: 15- 18

In one of my (prior) blog posts, I have a picture of seven pieces of candy in my post about 1 Kings 18: 21. You may ask, “Why the candy?” I will tell you in a minute. Hang on.

Let’s first remember Elijah when he came to the people and said, “How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him.” The people didn’t answer.

I’m reminded of Joshua 24: 15. Yes, I and my household have chosen to serve the Lord as Joshua did. (Nothing wishy-washy about our decision)

Jesus said, “Deny yourself and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:  24 and other references) I love Jesus and He loves me.

“Um, Jesus, You mean deny myself a little bit? Follow You some? I would venture to say we all have trouble with denying ourselves.

I am ever thinking of food for thought. The idea with the miniature candies in the picture is an example of something we are sure we want all of. We didn’t even need to pray about it, have a congressional meeting, or put out the fleece for a decision from above (as Gideon did in Judges 6: 37)

King Solomon, in the Bible, said “Lord God of Israel, there is no God like Thee in heaven above, or on earth beneath, who keeps covenant and more with Thy servants that walk before Thee with all their heart” (1 Kings 8: 23) We desire to be “all in” with our God, just as we are with some candies.

God keeps a loving covenant with those who walk with Him- with their whole heart.

Solomon was a very wise king. His wisdom came from God. He loved and knew God. He trusted and worshiped God. I know for a fact that I’ve tasted and “seen that the Lord is good” as said in Psalm 34: 8.

Have you ever done anything with your whole heart? Have you ever said no to something, or someone, because your heart just wasn’t in it.?

Through the years, my heart has grown. It’s also been broken a few times. As one who has been married more than once, I can tell you I really enjoy the feeling of being newly in love. Colors are brighter, food tastes better, everything is nicer, and the world is a happier place. You always want to be with that person. There is nowhere else you would rather be- in the whole world. It can seem like a high. It can seem like this person is “your world”. There are billions of songs written about his kind of love and the feelings/emotions.

Inevitably, your expectations of that person can go sky high, when they disappoint you– it’s a a painful fall. There is only One Who won’t ever disappoint. That’s Jesus, Himself.

Enough disappointments, and it’s a rude awakening. I should not have put all my “eggs/expectations in one basket” so to speak. Even if I thought this person hung the moon, as referred to in the old movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”, with Jimmy Stewart (produced and directed in 1946 by Frank Capra). This person didn’t really hang the moon; only God did. I must remind myself that man/humans will fail me every time. They will tend to fail God also. I can only put my expectation and hope in God. God loves me and wants the very best for me. He always has and always will. He tells me that in His love letter to me: His Word. He truly deserves all my love . My love is limited while I’m bound to this earth, but I’ll share it with my Creator in heaven, for all eternity.

Contemplating gray, I thought of Good Friday. (after thinking of my hair…smile)

The sky turned gray, then black, as the Savior was dying. Because of the cross, Jesus deserves our all. It’s our privilege to give ourselves to the One Who gave everything on the treacherous cross. He loves us so much. He even “rejoices over us with joy”. (Zephaniah 3: 17)

Why not give Him our all? He gave His all for us. He washed our sins clean with His painful blood death. We give of ourselves to humans who love us. Jesus broke the chains of sin, death and the enemy’s power on that cross. Jesus agonized for the wretch that is me. His flesh hung from His bones; He lost oxygen and turned gray. He was covered with blood also. Christ struggled to breathe knowing we, His friends/joint heirs to the kingdom would spend eternity with Him if He persevered.

We thank Him.

Damn Cats!!!

Sometimes, I feel I live for my cats! Last week we flea bombed and treated again. It’s that time of year. My oldest wasn’t happy. She is all black.

I have one cat on steroids, currently, and one using an antibiotic. The one using the antibiotic against her will, is being set aside in the room with the eldest: who is all black. (and age 14) (Her name is Shadow) They don’t like this idea.

They hiss at each other. It’s been a week. I sleep in this room. They let me know they wanted Temptations treats (I call them “cookies”) at about 5 am. last night. I groggily served them and went back to bed. They have me trained?

I felt the 14 year old proceed to walk on my arm, down my leg and to the lower half of my leg. Awww, she’s showing affection. She laid her tail out over my leg. This is sweet. This is nice and warm. Precioussssssssssss….

NOT!!!  She then proceeded to pee on my leg and on the bed and pillow. What in the world?!?!?

NO, no, it gets better. I was groggy. I wasn’t awake. I couldn’t distinguish what she really had done, so I told my mind it was just warmth. I slept.

Over two hours later, I got up and smelled the pillow and bed. AGGG!!!

It had been pee! My legs!!!!!!!!  Directly on my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma, my antibiotic baby, is on the left


 I am waiting for my publisher, who I perceive has grown too big for his britches. He has so many irons in the fire, I don’t feel important or appreciated at all. I sent my third book to be published in April, 2017. It’s August tomorrow.

I must keep a peaceful outlook, look at all the pretty flowers.

I’m waiting for a major answered prayer.

I’m waiting for an outfit I ordered from Old Pueblo Traders, it’s back-ordered.

I’m waiting for a certain pair of shoes.

I’m waiting for my cats to all behave and go potty where they are supposed to.

I’m waiting for my particular doctor appt. It’s August and he is only in, in our town, 7 weeks from now. Glad it’s not life or death……

I went to get prescription glasses July 10. They said the glasses would be done and ready to be picked up in a week. Still waiting…………..

Waiting for my daughter to come to her senses and get married. She should know better than to live like she’s married, letting God see what all she’s doing.

Waiting for hubby to have time for me…….

Some people could go berserk waiting all the time…….ALL the time……..why can’t folks get things to people like me when I have been told things would be headed my way?!?!?

Satan Hates Marriage

Marriage has been under attack since Adam and Eve.

Now a days, there are many people who aren’t even bothering to get married. They have many reasons, but, a couple living like they are married when they aren’t- is sin. God really doesn’t make allowances. There will be judgement.

I was briefly trying to find the scripture where it talks about the “last days, signs of the times, and people deciding not to marry.” Couldn’t find right away…..Where is that??

Meanwhile, in the last days, before Christ’s return, there will be many signs including skepticism, greed, pride, scoffing, sexual immorality, boastfulness, hypocrisy, unforgiving, slander, abusiveness, rebelliousness, wars increasing, earthquakes increasing, increasing famines, increase of false prophets, increase of false prophecies of Jesus’ 2nd Advent and drinking parties.


Just for fun: I baked

From my youth, I’d remembered times people made different fruit cobblers. I recalled an easy one with a box cake mix and butter. I added plums and a big nectarine I had on hand. It looked bare, so I added a crumble on top, of oats, butter and brown sugar. It wasn’t an actual “cobbler”. It was more of a cookie bar. Let me tell you…..Yummy!!!  Delicious!!!



My daughter’s friend was critically injured in a motorcycle accident July 2, 2017. She is the one with the glasses. She has a broken femur, a brain bleed, punctured lung, broken collarbone, and a broken rib. She’s in her thirties and is being told it may be a full year till she is fully functional again. They need $5000 dollars,at least for medical bills. There is a go fund me account. Anyone feeling the need to be compassionate, it’s for Jennifer Kreiling#Prayers For Jen

Thought I’d throw it out there……..There’s a genuine need……

I had many respond to “I Hate Going To Church With My Husband”

Some people wanted a part two. Some people have mentioned how they used to like my posts better. I imagine,  was when it was more of God’s Word?

Well, in lieu of my succumbing to my sinful ideals, I pray to be more stable in every way. See James 1: 8 where it says “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. My husband and I have been married many years. We still have many highs and lows. (need to be more “stable”) Life has a way of influencing our feelings: we must remain stable in what we know to be True. (Jesus is the way, Truth and the Life)

That being said, when I am depressed, sad, lonely, ….(gamut of emotions) I write. I actually went through a little bout with poetry. You can find “Disappointment Poem” in my many posts. Well, someone saw that poem and got bent out of shape. She let me know I was……many things that weren’t nice, and that I was lucky to be married to her brother.

Days went by. God urged her to apologize. I accepted. The scar is still there. My husband and I are going to help this person load her belongings and move 4 hours away this weekend. We will spend the night at her house. I am trusting God with Philippians 4: 6 idea and that there will be peace and love present all weekend. I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to let us sleep deeply and restfully in this home away from home.

Prayers are appreciated, please.

One Day

One day you’ll have time for me

Sim-il-ar-ities we’ll see

Morning, noon and night to be

together till I’m sick of thee.

All the places we can go

Hang together: get to know

Without work, who we show

the world we are: strengthened beau.

For each other, we will stand

holding tightly: Promised Land?

Through the journey: highs and lows

Hang together: goodness knows!

Times to sing, times to travel

through the paved, through the gravel.

Cre-a-tiv-‘ty for all seasons

Hand in hand- all the reasons.

Hold on through the day to day

Fighting, saving, even pray

God held firm: with Him we’ll stay

one day.

I hate going to church with my husband

Am I alone in this?

I come away from any service, any where, any time and God has spoken to me. I’m excited. I want to share. I want to discuss. I want input. All I get is Silence.


I’m excited about the Logos Word and the Rhema Word I’ve received.

My husband says, not all people chat about church after church. He says, only Maybe, Pastors, Preachers, and spouses do that……..I can’t seem to agree…..

What I maintain…..

Yes, different people live differently.

What if there was someone who lived to at least the ripe old age of 57 and only had paid employment a short number of years? What if this person was a female and had some failed marriages? What if her life could be used as an example of God’s faithfulness…? He always provides for His kids. If His kids love on Him, trust Him, talk to Him, read His Word, and exalt Him, He provides and lavishes with good.

Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of Lights. (James 1: 17)

My parents cared for me financially. My husbands did, too. There was a time when I worked for hire. I’ve never been forsaken by God, come what may.

So, for those who say I should be happy I have a husband who works 23 hours a day, 6 days a week……for financial gain, ummmmmm…..Yes, I’m financially blessed. Where’s the emotional, bonding, quality time and friendship stuff….?( especially when I’m living in a new state for the last how many months…and was seeking out friendship and girl friends…to no avail)

Disappointment poem


Once, I cooked for you

Once, I fanned the flame

Once, we wanted to impress

Now, we don’t stoke the flame.

“Don’t start” “Don’t start”, you say

Start? I’m the one who’s given up

Stay busy! Stay on the hamster wheel

Disrespect me–who needs to be real?!?

You used to go and go

It was my job to s-l-o-w

you down.  Making sure

you rested, and weren’t a blur.

We used to lavish

in each others’ company.

Didn’t matter what we were doing,

life was fun: even funny.

The adventure we were on

took us up, took us down.

We held on tight:

Love? Feelings? Commitment??– going, going, Gone?

Keep adding!–Adding just one more thing

One more person, one more event.

Only so many hours in a day

We choose how they are spent.

Bright light. Bright light!

Sundays were so sweet.

We worshiped God together

then, we went to eat.

Spiritually fed, full to the brim

We went forth together

Ever so ready to serve Him.

Tried to ignore,

in church, you would snore.

You work so hard

no wonder: you’re “tarred”. (“tired” for non country-fried folk)

Have to be this way?

What can we change?

Do we want change?