Ag! God help us!!!!

Well, happy new year! I hope you are staying safe and are staying away from Covid-19. My husband and I have been blessed to not be affected by the virus since first word of it 11 months ago.

Change in leadership……. According to the media, America will get Joe Biden as president in 2 weeks. I’m sorry. I didn’t vote for him. Don’t hold that against me. I did Not, however, condone the assault on America’s capital today. Good grief! How scary!!

I do trust God with my country. I pray for my country and its leaders. I don’t think I’d be thrilled with the idea President Trump is thrown out of the White House 2 weeks early. I’m not thrilled with the fact that the nation and the media have been upset since Trump’s win in 2016.

President Donald Trump did a lot for me and my country in the last 4 years. I appreciate that. I imagine, if I were him, I’d take my family and go on a long vacation FAR Away from mean old America, for awhile, if America “throws” him out of the White House. If I were him, I’d enjoy a break from the terribly difficult responsibilities, meanies, and liars and I’d go breathe easier for a bit.

Just Sayin………

Tomorrow is a new day

Poop in a bag

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to have their healthcare provider ask them to poop in a bag? This is to collect a sample so they can check a person’s colon. My doctor has been wanting me to do this for a while. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept so I refused for the longest time. I finally broke down and did my gross colon test at home. I kept saying “yuk” to myself, but I mailed my sample. I’ll have results in 10 days or so.

I just thought if anything was a blog post, this would be one.

But….God is faithful……My hubby and I have remained safe in this time of covid…….I hope and pray you are safe too.

Since it’s been awhile…

I’ll touch base and remind all that time changes things.

I, once again, found myself exasperated with my husband for a time and surprise Surprise! He took me away on a little vacation.

Oh, it was so nice to get away, just the 2 of us. We went to beaches, restaurants, and to a museum. I’m so glad we got to do all this. We got to bond with each other more. We got to take time and smile and enjoy life together. Months prior: we didn’t seem to have time for each other much at all and there was quite a strain on our relationship.

Holding on and hanging in there, talking to God, talking to the husband, we developed a plan to “get away.” God took care of us. He protected us from illnesses. He blessed and renewed our marriage bond.

Thank You, God…..time changes things.


I have to, have to recommend this book by Pastor Joshua Gagnon!!!

We were born to dream. Many things can chip away at our dreams. Dreaming can help us discover our purpose. If you have a message burning in your heart, get out there and find the people who need to hear it.

God-given dreams require us to do everything in our power to share that message faithfully, and give God every opportunity to amplify it through His megaphone.

Personally, I’ve begun to write another book…..I’m following my dream and trusting God.

Well here we are

Many of us have been home so we don’t catch the coronavirus. Praise God, my husband and I have remained well. My husband still goes to work at his “essential job”. I stay home about all the time. I have chronic bronchitis in my system. If I catch a cold, at any time, my lungs can go straight to bronchitis or worse. I am sensing a bit of cabin fever.

As the powers that be are getting ready to set us all free to go out to stores and churches again, I’m wary. In the beginning, at least, I think I’ll still wear a mask when I go places. I will continue to wash my hands religiously. Will you??

On a positive note, I’ve been thinking of the song by Gloria Gaither, lately. Do you know: “Hold On My Child, Joy Comes In The Morning”? As we continue to do what we have to do till this pandemic is over with, this song also reminds us “the Master promised sunshine after rain.” It also says, “the darkest hour means dawn if just in sight”.

I have some days where I question God a Whole Lot about this pandemic. I, like you, need to remember joy comes in the morning….things will be better.

God bless and take care of you.

What a difference a month makes

My last post was about a month ago. Since then, the entire world has come up against a coronavirus. Yes, a deadly virus is spreading to humans every where. We are all advised to stay home, wash our hands more and to try to avoid anyone who coughs.

I’ve been relatively hibernating since mid January, anyway, and now that I’m ready to socialize: “This”?!?!?

Man oh man!! I’m glad I know The Author of the Book. He assures me all things will work together for my good if I love Him and am called according to His purpose. (Romans 8: 28)

As a contrast, speaking of book, I’m reading “Furiously Happy” right now. The author is Jenny Lawson. It’s messing with my head a bit. I’m combining my Christian faith with the desire to not hibernate, and my chronic depression with reading “Furiously Happy”.

Pick up a copy of the Bible. Pick up a copy of “Furiously Happy”.

Don’t do it

Well, last posting, I mentioned my daughter. Don’t ya know, she’s been in a relationship with a guy for many years, but, knowledge comes out that she’s been putting up with his calling her bad names. As time would have it, the arguing about all this came to a head.

Oh, but now he is so sorry and wants her to take him back. He apologizes all the time.

In my opinion, they both need to grow as Christians more. They need to strengthen their walks with God, individually.

Ah!!! But, daughter, don’t take him back….. If he were to really change and grow for maybe a year, perhaps, then you might think of re-starting to date him fresh….not from where you guys were when ya broke up.

Guys, gals, you are children of God: children of The KING. Don’t settle for someone, in your life, who degrades you or calls you names or worse.

Don’t do it!!!!!


It’s the start of a new year!! God is blessing us immensely. Two of our grand-daughters are really connecting with God.

My daughter is having some health issues. She is having tummy trouble. I’ve been known to have this trouble too. Now, she would say I shouldn’t be so literal, but, I can’t help but think of the verses in the Old Testament where there is sin in the female and she has a “bitter stomach”…(something like that) Anyone know that verse??

Let me know…..



Here it is Saturday and my Friday-itis is carrying over. I’m reading a book about “Real Life Love” by Micheal Gibson, that’s not seeming to help much. One aspect to honoring your love life relationship, is to love yourself.

Ummmm, there’s part of the rub. (problem)

Strangely enough, as God or my subconscious would have it, I dreamed I was telling someone my attributes. Yes, I was sitting on a child’s swing set with Matthew McConaughey (he was on a swing too) telling him I realize he’d never talk to me. I’m not rich, nor do I have the self control to have a good looking body…..but I was telling him why he should talk with me. I was telling him why I’m a worthy person. I never heard the words I was saying. I never knew what I said, but I knew the gist. Why would I dream this??

I was so down about not being able to go anywhere or have anyone concerned if I’m breathing on a Friday night, that I was depressed. Now, I know myself, and I know I get this way every Friday night.

God is with me. He even gives me dreams to encourage me. To that, I say thank You. It is Fall time and soon will be Thanksgiving time. I pray that I can resolve to thank God more and more.

Promises and Possession

There are many promises from God in the Bible.

God promised Joshua, in Joshua 1: 3, “every place the soles of his feet touch.”

God’s promises are timeless. Today, in 2019, my hubby and I can interpret possession of every place the soles of our feet touch as being Many Places. God has been expanding our territories, as He did Jabez. (1 Chronicles 4) We have been blessed with 3 houses, a truck, a car, and many tools to do building and odd jobs. ($) Currently, my hubby has flown out of state….his feet are touching more and more land…..

We thank God! We realize, in many cases, we have to clear and cleanse places we are to possess. We also thank God we can boldly come to Him and we can proclaim God’s good news boldly. (sure, why not see Acts chapter 4) Oh! You know God’s good news, right?? 1. God made the world. 2. He gave us Jesus….even while we were yet sinners. 3. Jesus died for all who would believe in Him and receive Him. 4. He’s preparing a forever Home for those who believe in Him, so they can be with Him forever and ever.

I’m thankful. I realize the Bible is the most devisive and offensive book in the world, but I believe: God wrote the Bible with the hands of men. It’s true; and a living, timeless word for me. It’s a love letter for me and is to be studied, practiced, and appreciated.

God is so Good

God is a good God. God is love. He never meant for any of His creation to go to a place of eternal damnation.

Meanwhile, my testimony goes as such. We are just about to put neighborhood house on the market and are trusting God to sell it quickly. We love God and have His favor. We’ve been giving Him the glory through all this. As a loving Father, why wouldn’t He give us our desires? We thank Him in advance!!

Latest desire of the Father: I’ve been hearing many messages lately about how God wants more of our time. One evangelist mentioned it would make quite a difference in our countenances and everything (power from above, …) if we spend 2 hours a day with God. I admit, a few weeks ago, I decided to read the Psalms in a week and didn’t just watch as much tv. When I did watch the boob tube, it seemed like it lacked something. The Bible was so real. I mean: “Real!” I couldn’t wait to read more. Television shows just seemed like fluff.

In my life, I’ve done the hour long prayer challenges. I don’t do that so much any more. About a week ago, God woke me in the night to pray. My fingers typed the word pry, and that was a bit of what my heavenly Father did. He had me pray for many names before His throne and the peace and protection for Israel, President Trump and family and more……… I was reminded to claim His perfect will in some local situations including my daughter’s promotions and advancements at work. I thanked God for my many blessings including my husband of 14 years. I thanked God for strengthening him and giving him skills, passion, drive, and faith.

God is wonderful. He deserves our time. He can change us. Who was the famous evangelist who just walked through stores and people were healed when he walked by? He didn’t have to stop, ask to pray or lay hands on folks, he just walked by doing his own shopping business. He had spent so much time with His heavenly Father, the presence was still with him as he did mundane stuff. He had the Holy Spirit’s power in abundance. Jesus promised we’d be doing things He did and greater things. (John 14: 12- 14)

Can you accept the challenge? What would 2 hours with God look like in your life, daily? Is it possible at all?? Can you try it for even one day????

Let me know…. God be with you

If I Regard Iniquity

Psalm 66: 18 has been on my mind.

If I regard iniquity in my heart,…hmm… Let me think on this. I’m thinking: if I think on sin, think about sin or sinning, even think evil or bad thoughts about someone— the Lord will not hear.

I talk to God. I pray for people. I hash out my thoughts with my heavenly Father. I praise Him. I thank Him for answered prayers and for Who He is. I discuss things that are on my mind with my best Friend/Jesus. I’ve been known to claim my healing and healings of others: “by Your stripes, I’m healed, Jesus.”

I’ve had an ongoing prayer request that I’ve not personally seen the answer to yet. I know it’s a request in line with the Holy Spirit’s will. Still, no answer. God’s been blessing me and my husband greatly lately. Amazing!! This certain prayer request? Um…….no.

I ask Jesus’ forgiveness for my tendencies to have personal pity parties and my negative thoughts about some people. I desire to not have iniquity in my heart. I desire to be referred to as the woman with no guile. (see John 1: 47) (no ill feelings towards anyone, nor any deceit….)

Prayer: Thank You, God, for all You do. Thank You for things seen and unseen. Thank You for Your love. Thank You, in advance for answered prayers. Thank You for working on me and my heart full of love and gratefulness. Thank You for Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Disolution of Marriage

Why is this what they call “divorce”? When I think of a disolution, I think of how I took a mixture of a simple syrup and added lemon juice and made lemonade- but then tried to unmix the solution together.

How bout the act of dissolving the already combined concrete and water? A marriage is supposed to be as solid as mixed, dried concrete. What if the water says to the concrete, “I just can’t stand how you make me so unhappy all the time?” They can’t just dissolve themselves and go back to being two separate entities again.

One entity has said historically, “You knew how I was when we got together.”

The other entity has been known to say, “Yes, thus I was always hoping we could one day form something beautiful together, like the famous statue of David or something.”

Years later, waiting for the statue making, entity number two can try for “dissolution” or, can morph into a lone entity she’s content with.

Here’s to morphing!!!

Wish me luck and pray for me………………

Praise be to God

I’m not in the depressed funk I was in for about 2 weeks.

I communicated with my hubby. I communicated with God. I wrote in my journal. I vented and went to some movies. One thing is for certain, if a person feels “down” for a while, that person may very well not stay “down”.

As per my history of feeling “down”, these feelings usually come from circumstances and situations. One thing that helped me was my husband’s agreeing to slow down his busy life a bit, even if just short lived. Memorial Day weekend came and my husband did some outside jobs, but allowed for time with me and his relaxation.

There’s a lot to be said for “being still and acknowledging God.” (see Psalm 46: 10) Not only do you benefit from slowing down, taking time for God, doing something for God,….but, others who are observing your life benefit also…… Serve God, study His Word, have time with Him–with someone else?? Gain great benefits!!!!


My kingdom for someone to check in on me to see if I’m still alive or dead, thoughts, feelings, how was my day etc…about 8:30 pm nightly.

Now, I have a new development….upper back pain. (along with the newest diagnosis: thyroid trouble)

Hubby still works too much and is rarely home or “present”. Mixed blessing is that we just bought house number 3. Very mixed blessing……I’m weary and in pain so much…emotionally and physically…. I pray God takes me Home soon— before He takes my hubby. (even if He took my hubby first, I’ve always been so alone Alone…what difference would my husband’s demise make?)


My ex-father-in-law just died. I have so many emotions. I have been praying. I was married in that family some odd 13 years. The man is the grandpa of my kids.

In my lazy, sideways communicating with people, I want to “friend” my ex and his family, on Facebook, and give condolences. This well educated man influenced his children and mine. He was active, ran marathons, and even wrote (and published) some books.

Coming from my Christ-centered thoughts, and there are many, I’m quoting Deuteronomy 30: 15-20. “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to Him, and to keep His commands, decrees, and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess. But if your heart turns away and you are not obedient, and if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day, that you will certainly be destroyed. You will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life, and He will give you many years in the land He swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

Choose life. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.Choose to follow Him and have life more abundantly. (John 10;10)

I care about you, my followers……..

Temptation A, Temptation B

Sometimes, I just can’t believe how we succumb to the same old temptations, repeatedly. Keep in mind, what tempts me, may not tempt you. What tempts you, may not tempt me.

I’m not necessarily talking about obvious temptations that lead to sin, but subtle temptations. Some may be tempted to rely more on their own efforts to provide for themselves. They claim God has given them abilities to work multiple jobs for income, at one time. That, in itself, isn’t a negative thing. If it takes quality time away from God or the spouse/family: it could help open some unwanted “doors”. I don’t mean literal doors, but that is a possibility also. What if we consider the spouse who is on the sidelines watching spouse become more and more tired, increasing in health issues? The watchful spouse sighs while “working -multiple- jobs- for -income” rises to leave again and again.

The Enemy of our souls knows the right temptations. He seems to know the right moments to bring them around too. Perhaps, this is merely my personal perception, but I have seen some of the Enemy’s tactics and am determined not to fall prey to temptations: even if they appear harmless.

Guard my heart, mind, and tongue-Father God. Help me to truly mean it when I say, “I have learned to be content whatever state (condition/circumstance) I am in” as Paul says in Philippians 4:11.