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I’ve decided no matter how saintly or Spiritually mature I believe others are, we all have faults, short comings, and insecurities. Many people are pushing themselves along in such a strong fashion, they don’t see the “walking wounded” sitting right beside them. This is a shame. There is a Christian contemporary artist: Brandon Heath, who sings “Give Me Your Eyes”.

I seriously thought I was the only one…. There are some folks who come to church regularly, looking “right” and the whole 9 yards, but when asked about their lives, some say, “I still haven’t found my niche.” They may also say, “I am between niches/ministries/careers.” Yes, some of these are over the age of 50. Hmmmm…

I have heard some say they hope they will make it to heaven one day. Our pastor has a saying, “Are you a million % sure, if you died today, you would go to heaven?” I want to ask, as they have been in same church services I have been in, what?!?!? Do you listen to messages? Are you thinking other things while sermons are spoon fed? Yes, wake up, folks, the time is short till Jesus’ return. (Matthew 24: 36) I know, “but of that exact day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

I know of some who are putting off future goals. I know of some who plan to write books and get published “one day”. We don’t know how much time we have here, we better do what we can and desire to do while we still can. Right?  I wonder about myself. I was so excited when God gave me my hubby, I typed pages and saved about 10 or more pages of a future book I’d like to write. I’ve not written it yet. Hmmmmm….emotions….


Here’s our relationship in a nutshell. When my hubby was young, he was diagnosed with ADHD. When I was young, I was said to have still been in the play pen observing, till I was 5 and they sent me to Kindergarten. I did well there, amazingly.

We have been experiencing stress because of vehicles, finances, and our selling 2 houses. We broke down and agreed he would go over to the other house and sleep for a couple nights. (also to get some work done there) We came together in our Father’s house, Sunday, and heard just what we needed to hear for such a time as this. We have a great preacher who hears from God and is anointed.11794274_10205938338549896_7775170919354414736_o

More under “about me”…

I gave birth to two children. Both of them are grown and live in Florida.

Hubby and I live in Fla., currently, and are finding that waiting can wear on a person or people. We are trying to sell two houses at one time and asking God to re-plant us in Ohio. The house selling has only been officially in progress for 2 and a half months, but there have been other stressers in the mix. These have been hangin on for 6 months or so. Can you feel me? Ha! At the end of all this we will have Such a testimony for God like never before! Yes, we are reminded in Revelation 12: 11 we are over comers by the word of our testimony.  Oh! and by the way things have been, I’m also reminded of the chorus of the Eddie Rabbit song: “I’m Drivin My Life Away”….but I refer to this as: “I’m waiting my life away”.(chorus of song, only)..Now don’t get too overly zealous about rebuking me.


About Me

Being an only child, I went to school, did pretty well, graduated High school and went off to college in Arkansas from Ohio. I’d had some “adventures” before but this really started great ones. I was going to be a music teacher and or, serve God singing and who knows what other capacities? After home-sickness, pining for boyfriend and not getting into the college chorus, I was back in Ohio quickly. Between the ages of 18 and 54 I did get my Assoc. in Theological and Biblical Studies eventually. I’d met and married, had divorces, children, seen deaths, and had a few jobs for income. They were short-lived….I’ve mostly been watching and waiting, listening and being available. (per my choice of availabilities) I have always attended church, Bible studies, and been in church choirs.

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Digital Camera

Sanity In The Waiting

In my 55 years, I have been through more than many people go through in 2 life times. God is faithful! I can promise that, without wavering. I am thankful to Him, but waiting can be Tough!

If there is any thing I have been through, or a going through, that can help someone else who might be at their wits end, I want to gladly share my life and testimonies/ideas to possibly help.

I would like to divide this blog into sections. I suppose different pages will be under the different headings or sections. The sections are entitled, “About Me”, “God”, “Hubby”, “Kids/Family”, “The Great 8”, and “My Decisions/Emotions”.

Ideals I wish to accomplish through this blog are pointing people to God, sharing Bible verses, talking about yummy things to munch while in the “storms”, talk about pets/animals because they entertain and love us unconditionally, share books, (I enjoy reading) and to share ideas for quality time…whether alone or with your special someone.

I will put in a plug right now for a restaurant chain that’s been around awhile, but I went there for the first time today.  I went to Moe’s Southwest Grill. I liked it. I’m not sure if hubby liked it as much as I did, but it’s a bit more than a Southwestern version of Subway. It was mid-day and I got the Band Camp. I can about tell you mine was better than my hubby’s. He got a big burrito. We shared the chips and I enjoyed the tomatillo salsa.

A face with the words...
A face with the words…


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