Kids and Family 4

Continued from hubby’s youngest son….his baby daughter, though she is young, she’s overcome a lot. Genesis 21: 5 and 6 has Sarah laughing because God did the impossible in her life.

My hubby’s oldest son has 2 kids. The eldest is a young man. He has an affinity for music and will go far. I liken him to David. 1 Samuel 16 has David playing a harp. Then he has a beautiful young lady of a daughter. Shes’ like unto queen Esther. Yep, Esther 4: 14.

My hubby’s sons have wives. The oldest son’s wife is like unto Michal in 1 Samuel 18: 20. She loves her husband and this is pleasing. The son, himself: like Samson. Such strength and fortitude! See Judges 13: 24 because God blessed him.john's wedding 038